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Dr. Ho Kwan Cheung's GIRL (Gender Issues Research Lab) broadly examines the manifestation, consequences, and remediation for workplace discrimination against different stigmatized groups, drawing from primarily psychological, but also sociological and economic perspectives. We have a particular interest on experiences of working parents and the barriers they face in achieving work-life balance, but also study the disparate treatment faced by LGBT individuals, people with disabilities, etc. By understanding the unique experiences of people with different intersecting social identities, we aim to propose both individual and organization strategies to alleviate inequalities in the workplace and promote employee well-being, as well as allowing for better organizational diversity management. 

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We are currently in transition from the University at Albany, SUNY, to University of Calgary. You can find more information about the research conducted at this lab and publications yielded at the appropriate tabs of this website.


In addition to academic research, Dr. Cheung has consulted on applied projects related to diversity management, and am particularly excited to partner with organizations to use scientific methods and evidence-based practices to achieve their diversity and inclusion goals.

We are also happy to serve as a resource for media outlets/ journalists who are in need for perspectives from someone with expertise in these content areas of interests. 

Finally, Dr. Cheung also serves as Human Resources expert witness in employment discrimination and sexual harassment cases. She has previously testified in gender and pregnancy discrimination cases. 

The lab is currently in transition, as Dr. Ho Kwan Cheung will be joining the faculty of the Psychology Department at the University of Calgary in Summer 2022. For more information in the Industrial-Organizational Program there, please visit this site

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